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We have been working for years and with an upward trend for many international companies and qualified clients world-wide who have placed their confidence in us. The relations which we establish with the most well-known brands, in terms of brokerage, have allowed us to develop important partnerships in various sectors of merchandising -from clothing to eyewear, perfumes and the most varied of ornaments, with particular attention paid to goods made in Italy. Our recognised professionalism and acquired know-how are at your service to resolve problems regarding stocks and over-production, while safeguarding and controlling the need to protect the product and markets. The distribution solutions we use and which are set in motion by our organisation are specially designed not to interfere with your sales network and to fully meet the product demands which we receive.

Our business concern consists of a team of dynamic, prepared professionals and free-lancers who supply customers world-wide from Italy and Europe. The high level, continuous service provided by our organisation is the result of years of experience and the quality of our relationship with clients, which is moulded to their specific requirements. Our free-lancers are to be found in Florence, Rome, Barcelona, Montecarlo, Paris, London. We also have our own offices in Treviso, Barcelona, Montecarlo and Paris. The distribution network is active not only in Europe and eastern Europe, but also in Africa, the Middle East, the United States and Japan.

From the first contact with the client through to delivery, our sales strategies and the distribution organisation are backed up by adequate, modern computer and logistics systems so that relations with clients and manufacturers are based on trust and an excellent quality level.

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